Ask Esther // 64

Greetings Esther, I am trying to get into the industry as a copywriter but I do not come from an advertising background of any sort. I have never really had any experience writing ads as my university degree was basically writing thousand word essays and less about creativity. I have been trying to build a portfolio of my own but am finding it extremely difficult without any guidance (or a proper brief even for that matter). Metaphorically speaking it feels like I have to write a book with ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 63

Hi Esther, So, I have a career question for you. Somedays I get to work, and I just panic. Is that normal? I was working in a small agency as a writer, did well at award school last year and landed a job at a top agency. This would be great if I was 23. But I just turned 30. So here I am, 30, barely surviving on 48k a year, haven't won any awards or got any really great work up yet - and suddenly realising I want to have a baby in say, 3 years time. I don't have any mentor or ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 62

Hey Esther, I'm an aspiring copywriter who didn't go to any ad school, media or even remotely related school. So I'm trying to build a portfolio on my own. I am usually not afraid to ask questions but this is just something I do not know how to ask the creatives I am in contact with. That question is. What is "The Idea"? When I showed some of my work to people, the common response I get is "you are executing a lot but what is the idea?" and I just don't understand that. There is nothing on ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 61

Hey Esther, I'm a junior writer at an agency I once thought was one of the best agencies in my city. I started here 9 months ago as a contractor, and was hired on full-time after just a couple of months. I interviewed and was hired with an art director as a team and things have been rocky to say the least. I'm in no position to judge his ability or work ethic as an art director, but I will say that I don't think our skills compliment each other. Like, at all. Somehow though, we manage ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 60

Esther, I finished university, worked for an in-house studio for 2 years. I then left to work in hospitality managing a cafe in the CBD for 4 years and doing the occasional freelance work. I am afraid that leaving and working in hospitality for so long has affected my chances or returning to the industry. Do you agree? Is experience/job history just as important as a strong folio? I've attached my folio, resume and reference letter. Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated. ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 59

Hi Esther I'm finishing award school in auckland next week and am at a time where I should be starting to worry about internships. I really miss Aus (I'm from brisbane) but obviously I'll stay wherever there is better opportunity. (Subject to the quality of my portfolio) Do you reckon I'd have a fair chance of getting a paid internship in melbourne or would I be better off staying in nz? I've heard that it's sort of better for opportunities here because it's smaller/less competition, etc. ... Read More! »