The Monday Morning WHIP // 242

I’m not one for sharing those inspirational quotes you see on Pinterest ‘n stuff. But today I saw one on Tom Morello’s twitter and I felt I had to share it. “You are going to want to give up. Don’t.” Obviously for Tom this was a quote around political struggle. But for me it summed up life for people in the creative industries. As I’ve often said, having an idea is the easy part. The real challenge is actually making it happen. People will question your ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 53

Nick Kelly is a talented chap. In his previous life as a creative at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, he created award winning campaigns for the Melbourne International Film Festival and AWARD. These days though, he's shifted his focus to directing. In fact, you've probably seen his most recent work - if you're one of the 2.4 million people who have watched a bunch of builders shout empowering statements to women passing by as part of Snickers' 'You're not you when you're hungry' campaign. You just ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 56

Hello Esther, I've just recently graduated with a Bachelor's in Graphic Design, and a minor in Advertising. Looking for a job is rather difficult since both fields are extremely competitive. I do have a couple of "dream jobs" in mind but they aren't hiring at the moment. I was wondering would it be okay to call and speak with the creative director at the company or even sending a message via email? Thank you for your time and consideration, Job Dreamer Dear Job Dreamer, Very few ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 55

Esther, I am a fresh Jr. Copywriter working at a large agency in NYC. I graduated in May, and my internship here turned into a job, which I am extremely grateful for. However, I am not happy in New York. I want to get back to Los Angeles (I interned there last year and have some good connects there) but I don't want to jump ship too early. Also, I know I'm a junior but I feel like I'm very underworked. I thought I'd be slaving away and helping out on some exciting stuff from time to ... Read More! »

The Monday Morning WHIP // 241

I was at a conference this week, where I met the Head of UX at a large technology company. We got to talking as there was a lot of crossover in the work that she did and the job I do. What surprised me most about her was her hiring policy. She said that every member of her team had a personal project on the go. Not one or two of them. All six of them. Her team consisted of people with a broad range of creative interests. I love this because I am a firm believer in the multi ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 54

Dear Esther I will be completing my grad cert in photomedia very soon. I’m currently working in the health industry, and is keen to try something more creative (advertising seems like an interesting choice). However, I’m not sure how to merge the two industries together and create a new direction for my career. Is AWARD school a must? And the idea of working as an intern or junior is not very practical at this stage of my life. It would be great to hear your opinion and advice. ... Read More! »

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