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Christmas is over, you had a bender on New Years and you’re used to sleeping in. Yes it’d be nice if life was always like that. But that’s not how the real world works. Time to get back to work kids. Which for some means getting into job hunting mode. This year’s going to be particularly tough to land your dream job, so Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot has a quick tip for beginning the contact-a-thon.

The holidays are over kids. It’s 2009 and time to get out and get that job you always wanted. And if you can’t get that one at least get one where you use your creativity to make a living.

As you know, I mentor a lot of struggling creative wannabes. One of the pieces of advice I always give is to ask for a business card whenever you meet people or show them your work.

Once you have a business card you have an easy way to get in touch without having to get in touch. I’m talking about an email address.

With an email address you can drop a line every now and again just to say hello and remind them you’re around. You can even attach a pdf of new work or a link to a website if you want to.

Thing is, a lot of aspiring creatives get a little pissed when their emails are not responded to. In fact I’ve even read blog posts about this very matter.

My advice – Don’t take it personally.

Senior people (and I don’t mean your grand-parents) get a lot of email. They can’t respond to it all. And even if they could they wouldn’t do it within a few seconds of receiving it.

So don’t take it personally.

Here’s a great way to put email in perspective from Merlin Mann, an expert in software useability:

“Email is such a funny thing. People hand you these little messages that are no heavier than a pebble.

But it doesn’t take long until you have acquired a pile of pebbles that’s taller than you and heavier than you could ever hope to move, even if you wanted to do it over a few dozen trips.

But for the person who took the time to hand you their pebble it seems outrageous that you can’t handle that one tiny thing. ‘What pile? It’s just a pebble!’”

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