The Monday Morning WHIP // 12


Folios. Whether you got it from Zetta Florence or Officeworks, we all know we need one to get a job. But really, they’re just our ticket to the game. Any employer that’s worth working for will expect you have one. So you gotta fill it with as much genius as possible. And if you can’t, Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot warns against excuses over explanations.

A youngster came in to show me their folio on Friday. It had absolutely loads of stuff in it. Problem was, it didn’t have all that many ideas.

Actually that’s not completely true. There were plenty of ideas, they just weren’t very good.

When I asked about the thinking behind an idea I didn’t get an answer. I got an excuse.

“Yeah… Um, I’m still working on that one.”

“It needs a bit of Photoshop to finish it.”

“I know it’s not that good, but I don’t have anything to replace it yet.”

I’ll spare you the rest of the excuses.

When you put a folio together it should be packed with great ideas. Not good ones. Not half finished ones. Great ones.

Anything less and you’re wasting the time of anyone who takes the time to look at your folio.

You’re also wasting your own time, because you’ll never get a job with anything less than ideas that are bigger and better than anyone has ever seen before.

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Originally posted on: 19/01/2009
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