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Are you shy? Would you consider yourself a quiet person? Do you sometimes think no one hears you? Yeah, it sucks doesn’t it. We know a ton of people like this. But generally it’s not because they don’t speak up, or don’t make sense, but because they don’t have a solid opinion. This week, Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot has a story that shows it pays to speak your mind.

Aside from talent, one of the things you need to become a great creative is an opinion. Yes an opinion.

It’s a sure fire way to get noticed.

Many years ago I wrote a letter to a senior creative at JWT about a Ford ad that I thought I could have done better.

Suffice to say I was very excited when I got a call from the agency to come in for a chat.

The chat turned out to be anything but.

It was more of a what the hell would you know lecture. Not what I was expecting, let me tell you.

Even less expected however, was the call I got from a creative director at JWT several months later, offering me a job.

Seems the guy who’d balled me out had passed on my name as someone to watch. “An over opinionated, precocious talent” is how he’d described me.

Which I’d say is far better than being a talented bore.

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Originally posted on: 02/02/2009
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