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It’s not often Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot makes an example of us. He is our mentor after all – he can say what he wants. Last time he wasn’t happy we were making excuses. We learned our lesson and thanked him for it. But today he’s using one of us as an example of what can be done. We know that next week we might not be so lucky, so we’ll take this in our stride and get on with it.

I read a great interview (http://andrewmcmillen the other day, with a fashionable young hipster who is well known around this parish.
This kid’s worked with the likes of Penny Modra and her Right Angle (http://rightanglepublishing crew. He’s worked at an agency that does things differently (http://thesurgery
And now he’s putting that all behind him and going to chance his luck in the Big Apple.
The staid and proven path to creative success in adland is not for him. He just wants to be able to be creative. For him it’s a calling, not a career option.
He grabs every opportunity to create.
He hasn’t waited for a brief. He hasn’t sat around complaining that no-one wants to look at his folio. He simply sharpened his pencil and got down to work.
Which is what you should be doing.
So rather than sitting down the pub with your unemployed graduate mates, complaining to each other about how the world owes you a living, why not get off your arse and go create something?
As my favourite young hipster himself says, “If all the kids these days spent the same amount of time writing blogs that they did on Facebook, then this industry would be a hell of a lot more competitive.”

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 20/04/2009
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