Junior Event // PN7 Melbourne Special


We think that whoever had the idea of giving us the role of being Media Partners at PN7 (http://portfolionight NULL.com/7/archives/1901) was pretty onto it. We got to stand around with a big table of pizza while we watched multiple games of Junior vs CD. See below for the evidence, and get ready for next year. If you didn’t get much out of it, at least you got a Corbis (http://corbis NULL.com) goodie bag. Nice one!

PN7-12-06-09/02 PN7-12-06-09/03 PN7-12-06-09/04 PN7-12-06-09/05 PN7-12-06-09/06 PN7-12-06-09/07 PN7-12-06-09/08 PN7-12-06-09/09 PN7-12-06-09/10 PN7-12-06-09/11 PN7-12-06-09/12 PN7-12-06-09/13 PN7-12-06-09/14 PN7-12-06-09/15 PN7-12-06-09/16 PN7-12-06-09/17 PN7-12-06-09/18

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 17/06/2009