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When unrelated links form in your mind that offer no immediately perceived answer, you gotta ask questions (http://en NULL.wikipedia There are many forms a question can take, ie: Rhetorical, Descriptive, Causal, Relational, Dichotomous, Nominal, Annoying, Frustrating and Off-Topic, just to name a few. Remember! There are no silly questions, only annoying ones. Always have a purpose that is selfless and constructive, otherwise those in the immediate area are allowed to whisper behind your back. In an aside, always be a courteous listener. No one likes annoying whisperers either. So if you see Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot on the street, become smarter and ask him a million questions – just not annoying ones.

Big thank you to everyone who came along to the Junior Event last Wednesday. Great to see so many people scribbling away furiously in their notebooks (http://notemaker during my rambling talk.
Only one problem – No questions!
This may well be the fault of the Junior team, who had me drawing names out of a bucket before I could even catch my breath.
If you make the effort to come along to hear someone give a talk, don’t be afraid to shout out a question at the end.
It’s about taking the initiative.
I always say to the people I work with not to invite me to meetings if they are in a hurry, because I always ask questions. And lots of them. That’s what creative people do.
QED – Question everything done.
So next time you attend a Junior Event, stick your hand up at the end and ask a question.
Because if there’s something you want to know, you’ll never know if you don’t ask.

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