The Monday Morning WHIP // 41


Hola! Unfortunately Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot is a busy man this week. So he got Bill Bernbach (http://www NULL.conelrad NULL.jpg) to step in to take his place. Enjoy!

Morning juniors! I’m in Sydney today, judging at an award show. So I’m afraid I don’t have time to give you my usual motivational arse kicking. Instead, I’ll leave you to ponder this piece of wisdom from Mr Bill Bernbach;
“The creative person has harnessed his imagination. He has disciplined it so that every thought, every idea, every word he puts down, every line he draws, every light and shadow in every photograph he takes, makes more vivid, more believable, more persuasive the original theme or product advantage he has decided he must convey.”

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 31/08/2009
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