The Monday Morning WHIP // 42


How lame is the internet? Yeah, totes lameski, we know. It makes us lazy. So lazy in fact that we don’t go to libraries anymore. Googler and Wikipediac are the modern resources of choice. To stand out these days, we gotta get old fashioned. So this week, Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot reminds us of the best old fashioned advice: Make phone calls.

As a junior the best way to get your folio in front of potential employers is to ring up and make a time to go and see them.
This isn’t always easy to do. In fact it can sometimes seem impossible. But take it from me, it is the only way to go.
If they tell you a person is too busy to see you, and that you should leave your folio at reception, don’t. If they tell you to send an email with some PDFs of your work, don’t.
A face to face meeting is the only way to go.
Because it allows you talk about your work and the thinking behind it. An email can’t do this.
When you meet someone in person it enables them to get a feel for you and your personality. This is important, as it’s the person who gets the job, not their work.
Finally, if you go into an agency you have an opportunity to ask questions. This is a great way to make an impression. And a good impression will always lead to bigger things.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 07/09/2009
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