Junior Event // 10


Balloons! We has balloons! Pretty cool huh? Yeah, we thought so too. What’s that? This isn’t a conversation? We’re writing things and pretending you’re answering? Shuddup! So what? We can do what we like. We can ask Mel Campbell from The Enthusiast (http://www NULL.theenthusiast NULL.com NULL.au/) to come along to our event and make an amazing presentation about writing, dogs’ dicks and bogans. We can drink and be merry. We can take photos of you and stick them up here for everyone to see. We are the rulers of our kingdom! All bow before us and our gigantic brains made of three parts smart and one part awesome. Ya-eeeee!

Just you wait until our next event. It’s gonna be somewhere new! Did you hear that? SOMEWHERE NEW! Where could it be? What will this new Junior escapade entail? When will the world perish? Will it be via tsunami or swine flu? All these and more will be answered as soon as we sit down and stick our massive brains together for an extended period of time. Ha, not really, we’ve already figured them out. We just can’t tell you yet. It’s called ‘marketing gimmick 101’ silly. So as they say at the end of cheesy television shows, ‘stay tuned kids!’.

Yours wonderfully,

The Senior Juniors.

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Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 15/09/2009