Junior Event // 11


See this guy above? That’s Jason! Jason is a junior with a future. He’s a student at RMIT and already has an award (http://www NULL.campaignbrief NULL.com/2009/07/meet-australias-cannes-future NULL.html) from the relevant advertising award show in Cannes. He’s also a nice dude with a lot to say. Jason is the perfect example of the type of kid you’ll find down at the Junior events. Fun, talented and ready to drink. When you’re bored of him or the smell gets to you, there’s plenty more to shoot the shit with. (Sorry man, you don’t really smell. <3?) And if talented juniors aren’t your scene, we always make sure there’s some successful seniors to harass too…

People like Tom Martin and Julian Schreiber of Clemenger BBDO! They apologised for giving us more than ten tips in ten minutes, but that’s cool cause we didn’t mind. We even tried filming it for the first time, and although it’s definitely not TED (http://www NULL.ted NULL.com), you can still pretend you’re doing something for half an hour. We’re calling it JuniorTV Beta*. We’re gonna film every event with the high level of professionalism you’ve come to expect from us, then put them online. But for now, check out our terribly raw Beta* version, filmed with this piece of shit, by clicking this link here (http://vimeo NULL.com/7053650), here (http://vimeo NULL.com/7053650), or here (http://vimeo NULL.com/7053650).

And if talented people of all ages weren’t enough, we gave away two O’Check stationary packs (http://twitpic NULL.com/kgrjn) worth $80 each. Donated by our terribly generous and pleasant friends at notemaker.com.au (http://notemaker NULL.com NULL.au/). They’re the best. Not only do they sell the best stationary online, they love giving us the expensive high quality shit to give to you. In exchange we say terribly naff things like, “Go to their website and buy stuff!” Yeah! See that? That’s our advertising skills at their peak! Fuck! We’re amazing!

Oh and let’s not forget 1000 Pound Bend (http://thousandpoundbend NULL.com NULL.au/) was a giant bear hug of a new venue. Ewan is a legend and Tiani is the kindest lady alive. We’ve got big plans for this new venue. Be ready for some wild parties and the most inspiring monthly event Melbourne’s seen since your mum. And by ‘mum’ we mean ‘Monthly Undertakers Meeting’. And by that we mean The First Tuesday Book Club (http://www NULL.abc NULL.net NULL.au/tv/firsttuesday/) on the ABC. Which is totally boring. So yeah. Keep coming. Don’t stop. The End.

Yours forever and ever,

The Juniorinos

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Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 14/10/2009