Junior Event // 31 Things


Who remembers this incredible hit song (http://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=Z3JycmdhmI4)? It was the height of ’90s Australian house-techno. I suggest you open it in a new window, press play, then read the following acrostic and acrimonious garbage:

– –

Sydney, this is a love letter–

Yes, within you we had our first event for New South Wang-alang-alang.

Don’t forget we had help to make it better,

Nefariously supported by Find Your Yang (http://findyouryang NULL.com/)-alang-alang.

Everybody who came was very good-looking,

You should be proud of your collective off-spring-aling-alang.

– –

But! When will you see us again?

Another time, another time.

Never trust a man named Ben,

At the event he drank too much wine.

Not really, I made that bit up,

And I did it just to rhyme.

– –

Special thanks to Notemaker.com.au (http://notemaker NULL.com NULL.au/) for providing the beautiful Rhodia notebooks everyone received on the night — especially the one I tainted with the draft of this terrible poem.

Oh, not to mention Mel Peters, Andrea Nixon, and Cameron Hoelter for imparting their valuable advice.

Um, I just really wanted to have ‘SOUP’ as this part of the acrostic poem.

Probably shouldn’t have said that — just blew my cover. See you in Melbourne next week everyone!

31T-25-11-09/24 31T-25-11-09/02 31T-25-11-09/03 31T-25-11-09/04 31T-25-11-09/05 31T-25-11-09/06 31T-25-11-09/07 31T-25-11-09/08 31T-25-11-09/09 31T-25-11-09/10 31T-25-11-09/11 31T-25-11-09/12 31T-25-11-09/13 31T-25-11-09/14 31T-25-11-09/15 31T-25-11-09/16 31T-25-11-09/17 31T-25-11-09/18 31T-25-11-09/19 31T-25-11-09/20 31T-25-11-09/21 31T-25-11-09/22 31T-25-11-09/23

All good-looking people photographed by the wholesomely talented Katrina (http://www NULL.illgetyoumypretty NULL.net/).

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 03/12/2009
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