The Monday Morning WHIP // 65

Sometimes, we can’t help but think Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot is talking about us. Actually we’re pretty darn sure he is talking about us. If we were to give you an excuse, it’d be a good one. Something like our dog ate our interviewee. Seriously kids, take heed of Stan’s advice — excuses are lame. And people who do what they say they’ll do, like Stan, have blood worth bottling.

I had a flashback to my brief time teaching at RMIT this week.

Tasked with the opportunity to contribute to something amazing, a young creative came to a review session empty handed.

Their excuse?

Too busy, apparently.

Pay attention kids, for this may be the most important piece of career advice you ever get. And it’s free!

Don’t ever, and I do mean ever, say you were too busy when you have been given something to do.

Make time. I don’t know how. Nor do I care for that matter. But if you want to get a job, or keep your job if you have one, then you need to go out of your way to impress.

And nothing impresses like a decent work ethic.

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Originally posted on: 08/03/2010
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