Junior Event // Art & Copy

It feels great when people show up to the things you put on. We didn’t really ask anyone to come to our inaugural Junior Film Festival last Monday night; we never pleaded or begged or employed henchmen to break knees. Normal, everyday folk, much like you, just started buying tickets until it was sold-out — which probably had more to do with the fact we were screening the seminal documentary, Art & Copy (http://www NULL.artandcopyfilm NULL.com/), than anything remotely associated to us personally. You know, cause just like any troubled human, we hinge our personal worth on the amount of people interested in the things we do.

Then we were going to give free tickets away to our friends, but because it was sold-out, we couldn’t. Then they got reeeeaaal angry. They said, “But you told us you’d give us free tickets!” So we said to our friends, “We’re really, really sorry, but you should have bought a ticket in the first place you cheap, unsupportive inconsiderates.”

Anyway, don’t listen to our neurotic tripe, quite frankly it’s surprising you’ve read this far. And if you have, thanks, we need all the friends we can get after the free-ticket fiasco of 2k10.

The night was a huge success, blah blah blah, Junior goes from strength to strength, lots of people came, press releasey hoo-hah, floop-dy floop-dy doo.

And the whole thing could never have happened without the unending support of AJF Partnership (http://www NULL.ajfpartnership NULL.com NULL.au/), XYZ Studios (http://xyzstudios NULL.com/), and Campaign Brief (http://campaignbrief NULL.com/) — all of which we used and abused for our own gain. We really hope tacking your logos onto things makes you lots and lots of money.

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Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 30/04/2010
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