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Two heads are better than one, but unless those heads are agreeable, two heads may as well be none. If you’re finding it difficult to work with others Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot has some advice that might just make things easier…

When it comes to the act of creation, two heads are generally better than one. But working with someone else on ideas has its pitfalls too.

One of them is being able to speak freely and critically without worrying about offending the other person.

This is never easy to be honest.

However it is far better to be critical than passive. As being nice often leads you down the path of mediocrity.

Of course I’ve been doing this for so long I take for granted to ability to dismiss an idea whilst offering support and encouragement to the creator of the idea.

So I’ve put on my well worn and slightly tatty thinking cap and come up with five key things to successful creative collaboration.

Don’t be dismissive

If your partner has an idea and you don’t like it don’t be dismissive. Imagine how you would feel if they told you one of your ideas was shit. Just say what it is you’re not sure about it, and offer to come back to it later. Once you have a better idea your partner will see for themselves why their original idea isn’t right.

Debate is good – Arguing is not

There will be times, lots of times, where you disagree with each other. Remember you are working as a team not two individuals, so work together to solve your problem rather than taking your frustrations out on each other.

Take one for the team

When you show your ideas to a Creative Director or client, remember they are your collaborative ideas. Don’t ever take a snipe at your partner if an idea they originated gets criticised or rejected.

Strengths and weaknesses

You both have them. We all do. So recognise yours, and your partners, and work together to overcome them.

A pat on the back

There is nothing that lifts the spirits more than a pat on the back for a job well done. So whenever you and your partner get together to collaborate be sure to show enthusiasm for their contribution and praise them when they do a good job.

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