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It’s Christmas time! Before Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot has a well earned break, he’s given us a list (that he’s checked twice) of some enlightening and informative goodies for you to take out to the banana lounger in the sun.

Back in the 1950’s Andy Warhol was the most in demand advertising illustrator on Madison Avenue.

In the 1970’s best selling author Fay Weldon was one of London’s best copywriters.

And in the 1980’s two time Booker Prize winning Australian author Peter Carey had his own ad agency called McSpedden Carey.

Many highly regarded artists, writers and film makers began their career in what I would call commercial creativity.

So this week I am going to suggest some must see/read items from people the general public is familiar with, who also made their mark in adland at some time or other.

The philosophy of Andy Warhol (http://www

This has recently been re-issued by Penguin for a ridiculous $9.99 so you have no excuse not to own it.

Alien (http://www

Still essential viewing after all these years, director Ridley Scott began his career as a commercials director. His best known work being Apple’s legendary 1984 Super Bowl ad.

Bliss (http://www


The book that put Peter Carey on the map is set in and around an industry that the then copywriter knew well – advertising.

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