Junior Event // 24

Our first Sydney Junior event for the year was a little bit awesome. Despite being on the same night as Award School (Whoops! Sorry kids!), the crowd was large, and largely good-looking. Armed with a presentation of slides designed by different Clem’s (http://clemengerbbdo NULL.com NULL.au) creatives, Luke Chess delivered quite the motivational 10 tips, in more than 10 minutes. There was group chanting — and he taught us to stand up for ourselves and not get pushed around by suits or clients. That said, he also told us to listen, not just to him, but to everyone — including flash nerds. And to really, really, understand the brief. Then, there was more group chanting, and we all left The Commons (http://thecommons NULL.com NULL.au/) happy. Woo!

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Coming up: Melbourne! Tuesday 5 April with David Ponce De Leon of BD Network (http://thisisbd NULL.com NULL.au/). AUCKLAND! NZ! Tuesday 26 April with Josh and Jamie from The Assignment Group.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 18/03/2011