Junior Event // 25

When we asked David Ponce De Leon, CD of BD Network (http://thisisbd NULL.com NULL.au/), if he would speak at our April event in Melbourne, we got an email back asking: “what makes you think I have anything interesting to say?” Now, if you’ve met ‘The Ponce’ you’d know he’s one of the most interesting dudes round town! Having previously been CD at Lifelounge (http://www NULL.lifeloungegroup NULL.com/ target=) as well as head of Award School, ‘The Ponce’ knew exactly what we needed to hear. He told us of a golden agency where “clients are completely devoted to the production of great advertising and often double their budgets to achieve this. A private chef and a masseuse take care exclusively of the genial creative department. The generous senior mentors devote their time entirely to the development of juniors and newcomers, who get the best briefs, more often than not, in the agency’s own turkish steam bath.” He then explained any job is better than no job and that such agencies don’t exist, and if we thought they did we were “fucking kidding ourselves”. He also told us not to drink or take drugs, among many other pearls of wisdom. Luckily for you, the Columbian thoughtfully left us his presentation for your perusal here!

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Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 11/04/2011