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Unfortunately Stan Lee’s (http://branddna NULL.blogspot real name isn’t Marty McFly and he doesn’t have a flying DeLorean to predict his son’s future — but, as he tells us this week, the possibilities of technology in the future are pretty darn endless. Just look where he came from! No email! What?! We’re just crossing our fingers for flying skateboards.

My son, who is fourteen, told my wife the other day that when he finishes school he wants to do graphic design.

Obviously like many kids, he’s not clear on what exactly graphic design is. But I’m glad he has visions of a career in creativity.

Thing is, I’m not sure graphic design as we know is right for him.

The possibilities opened up by digital are immense. And with the greatest respect, most of you reading this really aren’t old enough to fully grasp this.

So let me put it in perspective:

When I began my advertising career we wrote copy by hand and a typist typed it.

When I started at JWT we did not have email. Yet we were doing what would today be known as digital work.

When I was working in London ten years ago most websites wouldn’t take banner ads built in flash.

A handful of years ago YouTube and Facebook were relatively new and Twitter hadn’t even been invented.

Neither had the iPhone.

That’s a hell of a lot of change over the course of a career.

Which makes you wonder what will have changed, what will have been invented, and what will be possible, by the time my son goes to college.

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Originally posted on: 02/05/2011
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