Ask Esther // 02

Shortly after Esther’s debut we had an email from a junior illustrator needing a bit of help getting her foot in the door. She wanted to know the best way of getting into magazine illustration work and any tips on writing emails to art directors. See below for Esther’s advice..

Dear Wannabe,

You clearly have talent as an illustrator.

Let us begin by assuming you are independently wealthy or have another income stream on which to rely. In which case by all means you should pursue freelance magazine illustration as a career.

Approach the magazines that interest you and regularly use illustrations in their content. Find the Art Director’s name in the masthead and email them a short note and include three or four illustrations (especially if published already), along with a link to your site.

You might also want to try getting representation from places like Drawing Book Studio A lot of work that illustrators get is in the line of polishing storyboards for television commercials.

Good luck with it. Even though your work is very good, getting consistent freelance illustration work is quite a difficult area to pursue, and you may need to look at a studio job as well.

Cheers, Esther

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Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 02/08/2011