The Monday Morning WHIP // 145

This week, Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot tells us to reconsider an age-old medium.

Sunday mornings for me are spent at the kitchen table, with bagels, jam, coffee and the Sunday papers.

This has been a ritual I have followed for as long as I can remember.

Quite why I do it, I don’t know. After all, I gave a talk at Melbourne University about five years on the demise of the newspaper.

Yet I still read them.

Obviously I’m not the only one, as today’s copy of The Age had not one but three full page, full colour ads for Telstra.

Not to mention a full page, full colour ad for Qantas and a full colour double page spread for a pharmacy chain.

That is some serious advertising spending.

The sort of advertising in fact, that many in our industry, myself included, thought might well have become a thing of the past.

Interestingly, the Telstra ads were long copy too. Not seriously long copy, but long enough to require more than a casual glance to take in.

Fact is, these kinds of ads could only run in a newspaper. So please don’t go confusing a clever poster idea for a press ad.

The newspaper is a medium unto itself. A medium that many young people don’t even bother with.

That’s not a criticism by the way. That’s a fact.

Kids don’t read newspapers. Nor would I if I was your age.

But old fogies like me do. And as long as that is the case, people will be required to do press ads.

So why not spend some time with a newspaper this week.

Sure they may be filled with yesterday’s news, but between their pages is your chance to do something amazing.

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Originally posted on: 19/09/2011
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