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A few years ago i did a creative internship with a well known agency. I was paired up then with another junior creative and together we came up and presented a broad range of work to the then creative director but work never saw the light of day. I was offered a full time position interstate which i took. about 3 months later after i found out that the young writer i was working with produced the campaign we worked on together and did not credited me in any of the work. I brought this matter to the attention of the then CD but the work was never officially acredited to me.  My question is. Can i still put this on my book?


Dear Robbed-Bob

Firstly, it’s a few years ago, when you were both juniors. You don’t need a campaign from then, now.

It happens. Let it go.

Don’t worry about the ones that got away. Some creatives who conceived a campaign have had their names removed before the work was entered and then went on to win awards. And I would say the same to them:

Assume you will come up with many, many more better ideas.

There are some cases where it is worth fighting for credit or IP, but they are rare. Make sure you have more at stake to pursue anything like that. Most of the time it’s better as a war story shared with friends over a few drinks and a lesson learned.

And karma is a bitch.

Good luck,

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