Junior Event // 30

30 events in 3 years! Look at us go. And what better way to finish twenty-eleven than with Grant Rutherford, who took a little time out from hanging out with dolphins (http://www NULL.campaignbrief NULL.com/assets_c/2010/06/Grant-Rutherford-Dolphin-thumb-300x224-28471 NULL.jpg) to tell us how to be the next ECD of DDB. Well, sort of, kinda. He’d be out of a job if he did that. Silly. Still, he taught us how to be better creatives by not hating Katy Perry and making us realise that beer is not a food group – and he made us laugh. At him. And his Dolphin. Anyway if you missed it, you missed out. We’ll see you next year at our next event, homies.

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Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 11/12/2011