The Monday Morning WHIP // 157

Life experience. Stan’s got plenty of it. He wants you to get it too. So consider it your holiday homework.

I am always envious of young people who know they want to make a living as a creative.

And even more envious of those who manage to crack an opportunity at a young age.

But if life has taught me anything, it is that life experience is the greatest teacher of all.

Whether that be travelling, taking public transport or ordering from a menu that’s written in a foreign language.

Every experience you have adds a drop or two of wisdom to your creative reservoir.

And the deeper your reservoir, the better your ideas will be.

So with the summer holidays almost upon us, why not make time to get out and enjoy some new experiences.

Trust me. They’ll come in handy one day.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 12/12/2011
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