The Monday Morning WHIP // 168

It’s a difficult lesson to learn at first – just because it’s run, doesn’t mean it’s good. Repeat after Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot

I can still remember the very first ad I ever had run. I felt so proud. Especially when I saw it in the newspaper.

I’m sure many of you reading this have experienced that same feeling.

You may have done that piece of work while you were still in college. You may have done it during an internship. Or you may even have done it at an agency you are now looking to leave.

The thing is, just because it’s your first real ad doesn’t mean you should be putting it in your folio.

Unless of course it’s as amazing as the Carlton Draught Big Ad or the recent Three Little Pigs for the Guardian.

But somehow I suspect it’s not.

So please leave it out of your folio.


Because no matter how proud you are of it, most first ads really aren’t folio worthy.


Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 12/03/2012
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