The Monday Morning WHIP // 170

Now, Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot‘s not saying you should all become bad-ass Juniors and grow a ponytail like he did in his former years, but a little rebellion never really hurt…

“Rules are what the artist breaks. The memorable never emerged from a formula.’ Bill Bernbach

Used to be you had to learn the rules before you were considered worthy of breaking them.

In our digitally enhanced world however, new rules are being created everyday.

And rules that have yet to be written have probably already been broken.

But as Mr Bernbach said all those years ago, nothing memorable comes out of the formulaic.

So if you’re working on ideas for a banner ad, think about the idea, not the format.

If you’re designing a logo, don’t use existing logos as reference.

And if you’re writing an album or gig review and you want to get it published, don’t go writing something that could easily have been written by somebody else.

Those aren’t rules by the way. They’re recommendations. But you can call them rules if you want to.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 02/04/2012
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