Junior Mixtape // 10

Awh, those Kids (http://comebackkid NULL.com NULL.au). Only they could find a story book read by Bowie.


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Or, right click here to download. (http://dl NULL.dropbox NULL.com/u/5619898/Junior%20Mix%20Tape%2010 NULL.mp3)

Every month we like to profile a young artist/designer/writer/etc via the mixtape cover. Are you interested? Email us, wtf@lifeatthebottom.com (wtf null@null lifeatthebottom NULL.com)

Sam Wise (http://www NULL.seaswim NULL.info), this mixtape’s cover genius finished a degree in Industrial Design and has since worked on big public art pieces such as Urban Art Projects (http://www NULL.uap NULL.com NULL.au/), and also occupied a desk at Active Display Group (http://www NULL.activedisplay NULL.com NULL.au). In his spare time he likes to discuss the merits of various type of raisin bread, wear rather decadent sunglasses and draw odd little characters. He’s also got a hush hush new startup food venture. Stay tuned!

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 25/05/2012
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