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I am not sure if this is the kind of thing you do, but I was wondering if you had any tips on writing up a CV. Most jobs/ internships are asking for CVs to go along with folios. I’m at a bit of a loss what to include.

My story is; I did an undergrad in Film & TV, got out did a little freelancing making corporate videos and a couple viral music videos. I found myself wanting to focus more on design stuff so I went back to school to study graphic design with an aim at specialising in design for screen.

So I have mainly been working unrelated jobs to pay the rent since then. How would you put this in a CV, would you list all the individual jobs you’ve worked on? Or just say freelance from date to date? How much detail are employers looking for? Especially if like me you are just starting out.

No wonder you are confused. These days, you can have a separate Bio and a CV or a combination of the two. The CV is essentially the facts. Education, employer and job details and dates, awards, even the odd reference, etc. LinkedIn is a good place to start. You should already have a LinkedIn profile. It doesn’t mean you have to include every “unrelated” job but employers will like the dedication you applied by working to support yourself while achieving your new goals. So those “unrelated” jobs can sometimes be very relevant. You can always “paragraph” them instead of lising every single one.

Then link your creative website to your LinkedIn page.

On your creative website, there should be an “About” or “Bio” section. It would read more like your letter here. That you started out studying Film and TV and freelancing, before realising that you wanted to focus more on design and how you set about achieving that. Be yourself, talking about yourself. Keep it short and sweet if you’re art based. Show the fact that you can write in your Bio, if you’re writer based.

The “Bio” or “About” section can either have a button for a downloadable PDF of your cv, or is hotlinked to your LinkedIn page.

Your prospective employer wants to know a bit about you. You might have been told that it’s all about the work and your folio alone. It isn’t. We have the tools and opportunity these days to put a little of ourselves forward in our portfolios and that’s what employers like to see.

You have a great story. Use it.

Good luck!!

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