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Dear Ester,

I just saw your blog on Life At The Bottom and I was wondering if you could help me, what sort of salary could a junior art director expect at a good agency in Sydney?

I would be coming from New Zealand with 1 year experience, but they pay peanuts over here and living is relatively cheap so my frame of reference is useless.

Thanks in advance.

The lowest a good agency pays a junior is zero to peanuts. Mainly for the internship experience.

The highest would be around $60-$70K, and for that they would need some produced work and a major award or two.

That’s for starters. Depending on the level of the “Junior” Art Director’s experience which can be anywhere between 0-3 years.

It really depends on what knowledge, experience and potential you bring to the agency, and then the luck and timing of who else is available and how many jobs there are on the market at that moment.

I hope that’s of some help.

Esther with an h

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