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This Week, Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot shares the perspective of ‘school of life’ graduate Wes Anderson.

I read a great interview recently with film-maker Wes Anderson, where he spoke about his formative years.

Unlike most of you would expect, he never went to a film school. In fact he gained most of his early knowledge from a book he’d bought on guerrilla film making by Spike Lee.

By pulling favours and scrounging cash from friends he literally ended up becoming a film-maker by just doing it.

“I almost went to film school,” said Anderson, “I wanted to, but I started making my own film, and we sort of had it slowly inching along by the time I would have gone there.”

Obviously Anderson has done pretty well without formal education. His most recent film Moonrise Kingdom premiered at Cannes this year. So did he think he missed out by not going to film school?

“It would have been nice to have professors,” said Anderson, “and I have kind of found different professors along the way since then, but… I don’t know… I think it’s probably better if you can have your own private film school.”

Of course I’d never suggest you go it alone rather than get formal training. I just wanted to share Wes Anderson’s story with you, in case you were wondering if he time and money spent on university was actually worth it.

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