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Hi Esther,

I am a Communication Design Graduate from Melbourne. I am emailing regarding about finding internships, as I am seeking a place where I can grow as a designer and learn more.
However I have went to 2 studios and finding little gain or exposure for learning. I stayed at one studio where I work on brief but the Art director there doesn’t give me constructive feedback or criticism, but rather just constant “NO” and telling me to figure out the solution myself.

I also feel I come in everyday just doing constant technical work and being somehow overworked at work from 9am to 5pm and being told I do everything wrong.

It seem there is no compromise or any communication with this art director..

The second studio I attend was good but however staying there for a week, wasn’t much learning in a week can be done during the time period.

I just need more advice on how to find a studio who can give me experience and also learning side of design to become a better designer.

As I do want to find employment in the future as a graphic designer.

Okay you need a little bit of adjustment in your attitude. Internships aren’t about being spoon-fed. They are a hassle for a lot of companies. You need to listen to whatever you are briefed to do, get on with every single job you are handed, use initiative to get more duties and pick your times to ask questions. You want extra guidance? Bring them a coffee. The Art Director is not a teacher and in a working business and they need you to jump on board, try to catch on to what’s happening and contribute. You aren’t handing in assignments for marks any more. The better your attitude the more you will get out of it. And as for complaining about working from 9-5 on constant technical work, are you kidding? They’ll do that to see if you are any good, and what your attitude is like. You have to earn the right to get better assignments, more feedback, a paying job. Just because you have talent and a degree from a really good course, does not guarantee you anything. Smarten up, be patient and respectful to your immediate supervisor and do as much as you can to make them want to hire you, or someone else to take you on because of the experience you have gained as a super keen and industrious intern.
Good luck.

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