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Why hello Esther,

I currently work in a skyscraper as a (junior) lawyer. As expected, it is rapidly crushing the creative juice right out of me.

I have not always been all lawyery … my other undergrad degree was creative in nature, and I worked as a graphic designer and trend forecaster while at uni.

I was wondering how you break into planning in Australia? I get that AWARD is there for the Creatives (and I haven’t completely ruled that out), but is there anything I can do to get into planning shy of going back to uni?

On the off chance that I actually get an interview, how do I explain away my misspent youth (as a lawyer)?

Finally, I can’t realistically quit for another year. Do you have any suggestions on what I should be doing in my “spare” time to land that dream job?

The girl who misses having ideas.

Dear Girl who misses ideas,

A law background is not at all unusual in advertising. I’m not sure your reasons for waiting another year, as you will almost certainly have to drop further in salary to get into an ad agency.

You just need to use some initiative. Find planners who are on Twitter, and follow them. Find Planners’ profiles on LinkedIn and check out where they work and what they have done. They will also often provide links to books, events or ideas. Join the APG (http://www NULL.accountplanninggroup for $99 and get involved in the community. Perhaps apply for the (http://commgradsprogram, AWARD School (http://awardschool or Adschool (http://www NULL.adschool NULL.aspx).

The thing is to get started and discover things for yourself. Find out who works where and approach them for an interview or experience.

Read books. For starters anything by Jon Steel. There’s no such thing as a misspent youth, as long as you’re prepared to take stock and follow your passions and dreams.

You should know all of this by now. Get going and good luck.

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