The Monday Morning WHIP // 195


Who needs horses! Spend Cup Day making your folio magic.

I quite often get emails from young creatives asking me to take a look at their folio.

Not their physical folio. An online folio.

I think everyone has one these days. So if you haven’t got one you should probably get on to it pretty quickly.

One of the great failings of online folios, I think, is that is all they are.

A folio.

Nothing more than a collection of your work.

Of course your work and ideas are important, but your folio also needs to give people a sense of you.

Use it to tell stories. About the work and you.

Perhaps tell people how you came up with an idea. Tell them about some of the ideas you killed off. Perhaps give a plug to the people who’ve worked on an idea with you.

All this stuff is important because your online folio doesn’t have you to speak on its behalf.

I’m not talking essays. I’m not talking mundane descriptions of your work. I’m talking bringing to life what you do so they people looking at come away thinking “I really have to meet this kid”.

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Originally posted on: 05/11/2012
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