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Hi Ester,

I guess I am emailing as I am at a cross roads in my life. I am currently studying Master of Communication at RMIT and was recently exposed to the advertising world during work experience (very briefly) in creative and client side’s. Despite thinking PR was for me I’ve been shown a world I never considered before. Whilst, I am still unsure of whether I want client side or creative, do you have advice as to whether I should transfer into RMIT’s Master of Advertising program (geared to client side) or stop altogether and try for award school. Or both? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks a bunch.

Dear Crossroads,

RMIT has consistently produced some of the brightest stars in the industry for decades. You are certainly not wasting your time by learning more about broader marketing and strategy communications. Do what you love. Talk to the tutors and other students doing the Advertising course and see if the fit is better before you make the decision. But everything you have studied so far will serve you well in PR, Media, Marketing, Account Service, Planning or Creative. Don’t stress. Many people start in one side of the industry and move across into another as well. It’s quite fluid and you will gravitate towards the career that best fits you if you are well qualified and listen to your gut instincts. So, talk to fellow students around you who are already geared towards agencies and yes AWARD School is another great way of applying creative thinking to solving problems. It would be something helpful in addition to RMIT if you have the appetite to build up your portfolio as well either before or after completing your Masters.

Good luck,

Esther with an ‘h’

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