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Dear Esther,

I am currently a student at London College of Communication and I’m looking to work in New York next year. I’m finding it hard to recruit/ network since I am studying here in London.

Do you know of any graduate schemes/ placements/ programs in advertising companies in the US?

Or any companies that are looking to hire undergrads?

Dear Undergrad,

Do you have a visa that allows you to work legally in the US?

You will be competing with every graduate in the USA for these spots so you’d have to be absolutely outstanding for US immigration to grant a visa over and above a resident.

The US labor market is incredibly competitive. Most employment-based visas require a job offer from a US employer, assuming you are highly skilled and have won a swag of awards.

Obviously, the job market fluctuates depending on prevailing economic factors as well.

I can’t really be more specific, as I have no real way of assessing your skill levels, and I am basing this on the assumption that you would require papers to work in New York.

If you do have a visa, then there are plenty of internship programs and details would be available on each agency’s website.

Good luck

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