The Monday Morning WHIP // 198


‘Tis the season to get your shit together.

It’s December again.

Almost Christmas.

The time of year when the supply of young creative talent greatly outstrips demand.

So what will you do over the next few weeks?

Beach? Pool? Couple of movies?

I’d suggest you revisit your body of work and refine it, edit it and add to it.

I’d suggest you put a hit list together of people you want to show your ideas to.

I’d suggest you add some dates to that list and make sure you get in touch with those people on the date in question.

And I’d suggest you do the opposite of all your friends, and really put some time into your job hunt, rather than lazing away the summer.

Then come February/March, when all the people who are competing for a job with you are rousing from their summer slumber, you’ll be already half way down your list of appointments.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 03/12/2012
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