The Monday Morning WHIP // 207

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My sixteen year old son has some serious creative talent. His artworks continually astonish me.

But the thing is he’s a typical teenage boy. A can’t be arsed lazy bugger.

Which is a bit of a problem if you want to make it in a creative career.

He reckons he wants to be a graphic designer. I’m not so sure, but I do know he’ll definitely turn his hand to something creative.

Thing is to be a graphic designer takes more than talent. It takes discipline and hard work.

As do all creative careers.

His main bugbear at the moment is he’s struggling with IT at school. Says there’s too much maths involved and he’s not good at maths.

But I know that the successful creative people of the future (if not today) are the ones who don’t just create, but also build or execute.

So I suggested we get him a tutor to help with the maths to do the IT.

He shrugs his shoulders.

That’s the thing with teenagers. You can’t tell ‘em.

But I can tell you.

So don’t just settle for being creative. Become a creator as well. Who knows where it could take you.

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Originally posted on: 25/02/2013
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