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Hi Esther,

Long story short, I left a long term, soul-crushing and creatively mind numbing job, at the end of 2012 in pursuit of a career in graphic design. I completed design college and was told by both my teachers and fellow students that my designs and portfolio were amazing. Completely different to others in the class and very unique. I was also assured I would be an asset to any studio due to my easy to like nature and uncommon ideas when tackling a brief. But I haven’t seemed to seemed to even get a nibble from any potential employers as of yet, even after applying for in excess of 30 jobs. I have covered all bases with a very presentable portfolio, resume and CV. What am I doing wrong? Could it be that I have only had 1 job in my time of employment?

warm regards

losing confidence.

Dear Losing Confidence,

We have to look straight at your folio, bio and cv and whether you are applying for the right jobs.

On the one hand, you’re a graduate starting out, on the other you’re an experienced worker in another field. Take some of the attributes of that first job, and present yourself as a seasoned junior. A mature, fresh-thinking, creative asset with the potential to grow quickly.

Find a way to describe your journey in a positive light. Stop thinking of your previous job as mind numbing. It served a purpose and there are almost certainly skills and experience that will add to your hireability. The fact that you stayed in one job so long is usually seen as a positive, not a negative.

But not if you’re not upbeat about it.

Explore the websites of the companies with whom you are interviewing. Does their work “feel” right to you? You can even search the backgrounds of employees of those companies where you are applying for jobs.

Most people are on Linked In and some will even have their own folios up there. Find the common threads of what appeals to you and be prepared to look at your own work again.

Regardless of how well it was received at College, but you should be prepared to tweak your folio and presentation for the market if it’s not working.

Finding ways to refresh your offering based on feedback and instinct will bring that new job and your new career closer, faster.

Good luck.

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