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Hi Esther,

I’m currently working in a small agency in a hybrid account manager/ junior creative role. I mostly deal with accounts, but do get to write/generate campaigns about once a week.

I wanted your advice on making the move into a full time creative position somewhere bigger. What should I be doing, and how can I keep abreast of available positions in Brisbane?

Hybrid junior

Dear Hybrid Junior,

the skills and experience you are gaining as a suit will be very useful when you’re eventually a full-time creative. Client facing creatives are highly sought after at the senior level and employers will take note that you began your career in Account Service.

Getting across into the creative department full time requires a lot of sweat and a bit of luck. You have to find extra hours in the day to work on as many briefs as you can. If you haven’t done it already, you should do AWARD School. You need a website up that demonstrates your passion, your talent and your experience.

You should be searchable/findable on all the usual sites from LinkedIn to The Loop. You should use your network to find out about jobs going, or make contact with a few bigger agencies and ask for a meeting with a Senior Creative for some advice and feedback on your work.

The start you have made is good, and there’s certainly no need to rush. But you should get started on building a profile as a Creative stuck in a Suit and get it out there a bit.

Good luck.

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Originally posted on: 04/04/2013
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