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You never know what you’re going to do that’s going to have people remember you. This is a pretty good thing to start with.

I was chatting with the Head of Strategy at an agency the other day, who was going to be interviewing a young planner that I know.

As you can imagine I wanted to put a good word in for the youngster, but there was no need, as they’d crossed paths a few years earlier.

Seems she remembered the junior from all those years ago because she’d been prepared to stand up in a meeting and disagree with her.

“What I look for when hiring,” said the Head of Strategy, “is someone who has an opinion and is not afraid to use it.”

This really pleased me, as I’ve always maintained that the smart way to rise through the ranks as a creative person is to have an opinion and use it.

Far too many young people feel it is not their place to have an opinion, so they hold back from contributing to debate.

This is perfectly acceptable and is probably normal behaviour. But if you want to get ahead, I suggest you also get an opinion.

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Originally posted on: 24/06/2013
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