The Monday Morning WHIP // 228


As always, Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot says it better than we ever could in his Monday Morning WHIP.

Had a couple of beers with an old creative director mate yesterday. We got talking about the number of people we’d seen come and go during the course of our careers.

The secret, he said, to a 20 plus year career as a creative is to make yourself known for something.

What that thing was wasn’t necessarily all that important, he said, as long as you give people a reason to remember you.

Now that the beers have almost worn off, I can’t help thinking that what he was talking about is what many people today refer to as building a personal brand.

Either way, he’s been gainfully employed as a creative for most of his adult life. So I’d recommend you take note of what he has to say. I know I certainly do.

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Originally posted on: 26/08/2013
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