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Dear Esther,
I just finished Award School and like many others seek entry into the industry.

However, I am in my 40s. Eek. What advice would you give me? Can you even be a ‘mature junior’? Is there anything it would be wise to know now rather than later as I begin my quest?

Silver Fox

Dear Silver Fox,

AWARD School is essentially designed to give juniors a portfolio so they can begin the search for a job in a creative department. But it is also more than that. It’s a problem solving course that teaches students to analyse and de-constuct marketing conundrums and/or opportunities and apply to creative thinking to find lateral solutions.

Do you want to be a junior Copywriter in an ad agency? Can you afford in your 40s to work as an intern, or on a junior’s meagre salary? I doubt it and I wouldn’t recommend you follow the same path as your 21 – 35 year old counterparts.

You have a history. You should find a way to meld your relevant skills and experience and step from the career position you are in, towards the career position you are looking for.

There will most likely be a role in between these two fields and that is what you need to identify and pursue.

Find a way to showcase your most relevant experience and talent in a way that makes you unique, and not like other (younger) students. You need only take a small step backwards (if at all) to move sideways.

Own your career experiences, and use your AWARD School skills to put a new spin on the direction you wish to pursue.

Good luck.

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