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G’day Esther,

I started as an intern 3 years ago and have worked my way up to copywriter. Along the way I’ve been able to get some good campaigns up, including a couple that have won awards. I’ve got a mate who is a really talented web developer, graphic designer and UX guru. I suspected he’d also be a great art director, so I convinced him to do AWARD School – where he placed in the top 10. Now, as we look to combine as a creative team, I’m unsure where we stand. On one hand I feel as though I’ve done the hard yards to climb above junior level. But on the other, my partner doesn’t have any agency experience. Can I have my cake and eat it too?


Brownlow Billy

Dear Brownlow Billy,

This sounds like a pretty exciting combination. The first thing to do would be combine the best of your individual work into a joint portfolio. Your mate should probably be able to build one that stands out as well. Right now a lot of websites look much the same and follow the formula set out by the usual hosts like Cargo Collective, Carbonmade, Behance etc. If you can demonstrate your campaign experience, combined with his advanced web skills, you guys are likely to be highly sought after. You’re in charge of the Bios, he’s in charge of the website’s look and build. You won’t need a massive amount of work to show at your levels. Just enough for an experienced ECD to get the cheque book out.
Good luck


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