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Hi Esther,

I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice on the Ask Esther blog. As a fresh graduate who’s approaching 30, I’ve been having a tough time finding work. With very little feedback from applications it’s been doing my head in. But your articles have helped put things back in perspective, and those recent tips on generating spec ideas for ads have got me cleaning out the bulk of my folio, which has a high amount of illustration work. I’ve never really bothered with spec work in my folio as I’d thought that employers would prefer to see real work, even if it wasn’t strictly advertising stuff. So thanks for the all the expert advice. I don’t really have a question for you at the moment, maybe once I’ve refocused my folio.

Warm Regards,

Senior Junior

Dear Senior Junior,

It’s always good to hear back from people who have sifted through earlier answers and found something useful :) I think the main thing to remember about portfolios is that they are a showcase targetted at someone who does not know you. You have a few seconds (online) to make an impression and demonstrate great thinking, diversity, skills (never forgetting the all important bio) in a way that makes the viewer keep clicking, rather than exiting the site after a quick glance.

Thanks for your note and good luck!

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