The Monday Morning WHIP // 240

whip 240
This Whip was supposed to be posted last week but somehow got lost in the email ether. Anyway welcome to 2014.

This is gonna be a big year for Junior with a Melbourne event on the horizon and several new initiatives in the pipeline for you.

The Whip will now be posted monthly rather than weekly. So be sure and put a reminder for the first Monday of the month in your calendar. I know I have!

This month I wanted to talk to you about being brave.

Not standing up to drunken idiots in a bar brave – more having the confidence to stand by your ideas brave.

You see when Steve Jobs was first presented the now legendary Think Different campaign he turned it down.

Said it made him nervous.

Then just as the agency was about to skulk out of his office with their collective tails between their legs he stood up and approved it.

Turns out he was second guessing what people would think of the campaign and also of him.

So he backed himself.

That’s what you need to do.

By all means take onboard the feedback and opinions of those more experienced or talented than yourself – but never ever be afraid to disregard your self-doubting inner voice and go with your gut.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 10/02/2014
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