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Hey Esther,

I’m an Advertising student in my final year.

I was wondering what the best way was to write an email to an HR person at a large company on the client side?

I’m finding it incredibly difficult to land internships at any advertising agencies (having being hung out to dry by XXXXX over the Summer), and thought I’d go all out with larger company’s instead.

Shall I just attach a cover letter alongside an eye catching subject line in the email, or write eye catching content within the email alongside a cover letter?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

The Advertising Pocket Rocket

Dear Pocket Rocket,

The first thing I would advise is that you shouldn’t send business emails on a Sunday night.

I am not sure from the info provided exactly what sort of job you’re seeking. So “Eye catching” is a little vague for me to know whether it’s a good idea.

First of all, find out exactly to whom you are writing. They will (probably) then have seen that you have looked up their profile on linked in.

Be polite (see above), tell them why you are interested in their company and what qualifications you have to impress/interest them. The email itself doesn’t have to be tricky to stand out. A tailored, polite and grammatically correct letter can stand out in a sea of spam. I would cast a few more lines out than just to one company. And I’d delete any disparaging comments about your experiences with other businesses.

Good luck.

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