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Hi Esther
I’m finishing award school in auckland next week and am at a time where I should be starting to worry about internships. I really miss Aus (I’m from brisbane) but obviously I’ll stay wherever there is better opportunity. (Subject to the quality of my portfolio) Do you reckon I’d have a fair chance of getting a paid internship in melbourne or would I be better off staying in nz? I’ve heard that it’s sort of better for opportunities here because it’s smaller/less competition, etc. and I now know people in the industry through award school. But if it’s just about sending your book around then would I have just as much of a chance to get an internship in aus?

Life Choices

Dear Life Choices,

Approach agencies in NZ and Melbourne right now. Make it clear to the Auckland agencies that you are on the ground and ready to start immediately. For the Melbourne agencies, let them know that you’re an Aussie returning and can start immediately as well.

If you moved to NZ from Brisbane to do AWARD School, let the Melbourne agencies know that. It shows a real determination to succeed.

Target the agencies whose work you admire and tell them why. Don’t send out a blanket email, write to each ECD/CD individually. It makes a difference and the reader will appreciate it.

If the offer of an internship comes though in NZ, grab it and get some experience before making your move back to Aus. If neither city responds with a firm offer, then move to Melbourne but be prepared to get any job you can while on the hunt. It’s getting close to winding down for the year, but there’s always still some activity.

So yes, use the contacts in NZ you have made, because getting a break isn’t all about sending your book around electronically. But jobs can happen from a direct email approach if the timing is right and they like the look of your book and sound of your personality.

It helps to stand out somehow. But be brief, polite and have a cracking portfolio and you’ll succeed.

Good luck

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