The Interview Series // 45

Some time ago we received an email from Mick DiMaria, Creative Director at 72andSunny, offering to help out in any way, shape or form our website which he had just stumbled across. We were stoked. 72andSunny not only has one of the greatest agency names on the planet, they also do some of the best work. Kenny Powers for K-Swiss Tubes anyone? Brilliant. Anyway, we were keen to chat to Mick about his rise to the top from humble CP+B Intern in the early nineties. More specifically we wanted to ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 44 agIdeas Special

What a head-shot! Pardon the pun! But seriously - get this - before Adam Hunt started his career in advertising, he had 80% of his brain removed. No shit! We only found out after we finished our interview, so you'll have to see him speak at agIdeas (seamless plug) to find out the full story. Without giving too much away before he speaks as part of the International Design Forum, Adam has had quite the career. Working in various countries, winning awards, making t-shirts, and pissing off the ... Read More! »

Junior Event // 25

When we asked David Ponce De Leon, CD of BD Network, if he would speak at our April event in Melbourne, we got an email back asking: "what makes you think I have anything interesting to say?" Now, if you've met 'The Ponce' you'd know he's one of the most interesting dudes round town! Having previously been CD at Lifelounge as well as head of Award School, 'The Ponce' knew exactly what we needed to hear. He told us of a golden agency where "clients are completely devoted to the production of ... Read More! »

Junior Event // 24

Our first Sydney Junior event for the year was a little bit awesome. Despite being on the same night as Award School (Whoops! Sorry kids!), the crowd was large, and largely good-looking. Armed with a presentation of slides designed by different Clem's creatives, Luke Chess delivered quite the motivational 10 tips, in more than 10 minutes. There was group chanting -- and he taught us to stand up for ourselves and not get pushed around by suits or clients. That said, he also told us to listen, ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 42

In all our 41 interviews we have never, not once, ever, done a junior interview with someone in Planning. Our friends who want to get into planning kept complaining. And complaining. And not getting jobs in planning. We felt like bad friends so we found Mark Pollard, Director of Strategy at McCann Sydney. Mark’s earlier years spent building websites give him bucket-loads of that digital savvy-ness -- all the kind stuff you need to get yourself strategising the shit out of digital. He also ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 41

Are you a Weights and Measures Inspector or something just as mundane? Do you dream of chucking it all in and becoming a creative? Well, meet your new inspiration, Peter Cortez. Our boy Pete may have started his advertising career late, but he's sure made up for lost time. Since going back to study at Miami Ad School at age thirty, he's made some ads, worked with big brands, developed and launched two iPhone apps of his own and even started a New York lunch club. Oh, did we mention he helped ... Read More! »