Ask Esther

Ask Esther // 60

Esther, I finished university, worked for an in-house studio for 2 years. I then left to work in hospitality managing a cafe in the CBD for 4 years and doing the occasional freelance work. I am afraid that leaving and working in hospitality for so long has affected my chances or returning to the industry. Do you agree? Is experience/job history just as important as a strong folio? I've attached my folio, resume and reference letter. Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated. ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 59

Hi Esther I'm finishing award school in auckland next week and am at a time where I should be starting to worry about internships. I really miss Aus (I'm from brisbane) but obviously I'll stay wherever there is better opportunity. (Subject to the quality of my portfolio) Do you reckon I'd have a fair chance of getting a paid internship in melbourne or would I be better off staying in nz? I've heard that it's sort of better for opportunities here because it's smaller/less competition, etc. ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 58

Hi Esther, I’ve been a marketing assistant for 1.5 years while completing the second half of my Advertising Undergrad. Although I have a nice enough paying job, I’m eager to make the switch to strategy within an agency environment. Why? Correct me if I’m wrong but I feel I will learn more in a fast-paced agency environment than I would on client side in a marketing team of 3. Especially when it comes to strategy. My problem is that I don’t want to relinquish my ‘fine enough’ ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 57

Hey Esther, I'm an Advertising student in my final year. I was wondering what the best way was to write an email to an HR person at a large company on the client side? I'm finding it incredibly difficult to land internships at any advertising agencies (having being hung out to dry by XXXXX over the Summer), and thought I'd go all out with larger company's instead. Shall I just attach a cover letter alongside an eye catching subject line in the email, or write eye catching ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 56

Hello Esther, I've just recently graduated with a Bachelor's in Graphic Design, and a minor in Advertising. Looking for a job is rather difficult since both fields are extremely competitive. I do have a couple of "dream jobs" in mind but they aren't hiring at the moment. I was wondering would it be okay to call and speak with the creative director at the company or even sending a message via email? Thank you for your time and consideration, Job Dreamer Dear Job Dreamer, Very few ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 55

Esther, I am a fresh Jr. Copywriter working at a large agency in NYC. I graduated in May, and my internship here turned into a job, which I am extremely grateful for. However, I am not happy in New York. I want to get back to Los Angeles (I interned there last year and have some good connects there) but I don't want to jump ship too early. Also, I know I'm a junior but I feel like I'm very underworked. I thought I'd be slaving away and helping out on some exciting stuff from time to ... Read More! »