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Ask Esther // 54

Dear Esther I will be completing my grad cert in photomedia very soon. I’m currently working in the health industry, and is keen to try something more creative (advertising seems like an interesting choice). However, I’m not sure how to merge the two industries together and create a new direction for my career. Is AWARD school a must? And the idea of working as an intern or junior is not very practical at this stage of my life. It would be great to hear your opinion and advice. ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 53

Hi Esther, I graduated with a Graphic Design degree about 3 years ago. I have enjoyed every challenging creative brief during my my uni days. I have had 2 long term full time jobs as a designer/artist doing very mediocre/un-challenging work, very much more technical than it is creative. In my spare time, I pick up design briefs online so I keep up to date with my portfolio. I have been trying hard to gain a creative/graphic designer role but have been unsuccessful. I recently met with a ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 52

Hi Esther, I am a junior copywriter and I have been in my agency (which is fairly reputable) for about a year and 3 months. It is also my first full time gig at any agency. Work we do here is alright, though we have not done anything particular spectacular in the past year. Colleagues are nice, boss is accessible and friendly, and there is a good vibe going. Recently though, I was approached by an ECD of a another advertising company (which is similarly well known) and offered a ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 51

Hi Esther, I am in my final year studying a BA of media and through nearing the end of my course have found a great interest in graphic design. I do not have the in-depth skills of a graduating designer but I would say I know my way around the Adobe suite. How today would you best suggest my approach to finding work? Are internships the way to go? or a post-grad in graphic a better option? And is the graphic design industry one I should jump into if i want success. I have heard ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 50

Hi Esther, I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice on the Ask Esther blog. As a fresh graduate who's approaching 30, I've been having a tough time finding work. With very little feedback from applications it's been doing my head in. But your articles have helped put things back in perspective, and those recent tips on generating spec ideas for ads have got me cleaning out the bulk of my folio, which has a high amount of illustration work. I've never really bothered with spec ... Read More! »

Ask Esther // 49

G’day Esther, I started as an intern 3 years ago and have worked my way up to copywriter. Along the way I’ve been able to get some good campaigns up, including a couple that have won awards. I’ve got a mate who is a really talented web developer, graphic designer and UX guru. I suspected he’d also be a great art director, so I convinced him to do AWARD School – where he placed in the top 10. Now, as we look to combine as a creative team, I’m unsure where we stand. On one hand I ... Read More! »